Author Topic: Wheeling at Lake Buffalo in Iowa Park  (Read 2281 times)

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Wheeling at Lake Buffalo in Iowa Park
« on: October 16, 2009, 10:09:27 am »
I just recieved a call this morning from someone with the City of Iowa Park concerning the Lake Buffalo area.

People are wheeling the lake area when it is wet which has cause major ruts and damage to the road that people use to get to the boat ramp. The city recently has now been fined because of the damage to the damn area by 4X4's in wet conditions. The city does not have the funds to pave the roads but may have to pipe fence off the entire area to walk in traffic only, no vehicles. The only vehicle access may be to the boat ramp but that will only be if they can repair the current condition of the road and keep it in good condition.

I was called because the city sees TORC as a large influence in the 4X4 community and would like our help. I reassured Mr Smith that most TORC members do not wheel that area and always discourage people from wheeling the area after a rain.

What I would like to ask of our members is to please discourage people both members and non-members from wheeling the area unless it is dry and to avoid areas that hold water so they are not further damaged. I repeat, the city does not have funds avaliable to make repairs to this area but would like to still make it available for people to enjoy. Let's please cooperate with the city and do our part to protect areas like this.

If you have any questions reguarding this you are welcome to PM me.

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Re: Wheeling at Lake Buffalo in Iowa Park
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2009, 10:06:58 pm »
I have always advocated against such actions at the lake, even have wrote letters to the paper for the residents to read and see what our club is really about.
 The fact is, in the paper this week, the city council stated they will move forward with blocking off all traffic to the east side of the lake. Its only a matter of time....

Best thing to do, is go out there and fish. I live 5 minutes away and can tell you how many times ive wheeled out there with two hands. There isnt that much there for our sport anyhow.

The city needs to address the high school age kids that go out there and tear the place up. Ive seen it too many times.