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Selling a lifted 2001 GMC 2500HD CrewCab

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154K miles on 6.0 liter. 35" BFG All Terrains. Loaded SLT model. Rear airbags. No rips in leather but driver seat shows a little wear on the left bottom edge. Everything works. Runs and drives great. It's never been chipped or programmed. Fuel gauge goes to empty when full. After about 25 miles it registers correctly. Could use a new sending unit but not a big issue since the problem is when the tank is full.  Just tuned it up and changed the oil. Right inner tie rod replaced and front end aligned. Tan color. $8,500 for TORC members. $9K everyone else.

Will post pics shortly.

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Good deal!

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not to another family member i hope   :stirthepot:


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