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2012-2013 membership drive!

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Its that time of year again, our annual membership drive! It will run through the month of July.

Memberships are up for renewal. There are a few ways you can pay and a couple options you can choose from.

Option 1:
 A full single membership will include one year membership, one TORC sticker and one TORC shirt. The cost of this option is $30.00.

Option 2:
 a full single membership without the shirt and sticker. This is strictly to have full membership status. The cost of this option is $15.00.

Option 3:
 A full membership for two. This is a great option for those who have two rigs. The cost of this option is $50.00 and will include two TORC stickers and two t shirts.

Option 4:
 A full membership for two but without the shirts and stickers. This is strictly to have full membership. The cost of this option is $30.00.

Option 5:
 A single non local membership status. This is a great option for those who live to far away to make normal meetings and runs but still want to be a part of the club. The cost of this option is $10.00 and does not include a decal or t shirt.



Snail mail:

Texoma Off Road Club
5409 Texas Star Lane
Wichita Falls, TX 76310

 You can pay Tony Helms (rollinslow) at any club function.

Once you make payment, please post in this thread the option you choose, paypal transaction #, or postup if you sent it or paid in person.

****** We will NOT be ordering t shirts or stickers in bulk. Once the membership drive is over, i will place the order for ONLY those that were paid for. *****

I guess I'm like that crazy uncle that keeps showing up  :grinpimp:

Paid via Paypal
Transaction ID: 50V62183AC2084623

Option 1
Large Shirt
White Decal

Rollin Slow:
Payment received from Swan22 (Mark) for renewal. Thanks for your continued support!! :thankyou:

Rollin Slow:
Okay, it's time to have a membership drive meeting! Let me know what works and I will set it up at the Pizza Hut on Kemp in front of Target. We have some business to discuss and hopefully collect some more dues. We will then start a poll for T-shirt colors! Let me know folks! If you have already paid, come out for the fellowship! :cheers:

Rollin Slow:
Okay, I am going to set up the meeting for MONDAY, JULY 23, 2012, 7:00pm at the PIZZA HUT on KEMP BLVD. I would love for everyone to attend! Everyone is welcome. If you have been "lurking" about, come join us, meet us and see what we are about! We will be accepting dues for new members and old members alike! 


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