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Texoma Off-Road Club (TORC)
1. Then name of this organization shall be known as the Texoma Off-Road Club( TORC).
ARTICLE2 - Purpose
1. The TORC is organized as a non-profit organization for the purpose of:
a.   Providing social, educational and recreational activities for the membership
b. To promote, organize and hold outings, meetings, trail runs, hill climbs, excursions, cross country trips, and the like.
c. To promote the sport and pastime of off-road 4x4 travel.
d. To encourage and promote safety in all aspects of driving off-road vehicles and to encourage and promote a "Tread Lightly" respect for the outdoors and environment in which off-road vehicles are operated in.
e. To provide and promote educational aspects of off-road driving so that members can learn more about their vehicles off-road ability and capability.
Article3 – Membership and Dues
1. There are two types of TORC Membership
a. Full Membership
i. Full Memberships applicable to owners of four wheel drive vehicles age 18 and over.
ii. A person is eligible for Full Membership in the TORC after they attend a duly held meeting of the club, fill out the required membership application and pay the required membership dues.
iii. Full Membership allows a member to have voting rights and all privileges extended to club members as well as being able to be elected as an officer of the club.
b. Protégé Membership
i. Protégé Membership applies to those who are younger than age 18 and   who own and/or have permission to drive an off-road vehicle owned by an immediate family member.
ii. A person is eligible for Protégé Membership after they attend a duly held meeting of the club with their parent or guardian, fill out the required membership application and pay the Protégé Membership dues.
iii. Protégé Membership doesn’t  include the rights and privileges of voting or being able to hold a position of an elected officer of the club.
2. Applicants for membership must hold a valid drivers license and must show a minimum of personal liability insurance.
3. Applicants for membership must be of such character that the membership would consider them an asset to the club.
4. 4. Dues for membership in this organization shall be $30.00 annually. (Due in July) If a member joins in January or later, the new member pays $15.00.  Upon renewal in July, normal dues will apply.
5. A Membership in TORC includes the vehicle owner/operator and his/her immediate family.
6. lt is the responsibility of the member to notify the secretary of the TORC of any address, phone number or e-mail changes.
7. Members can resign from the club at any time. Resignation must be provided in writing. There is no refund of any portion of membership dues as a result of resignation.
8. Membership in TORC can be terminated or revoked by a 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Committee of the club. Things that will cause a membership to be terminated or revoked include but are not limited to any of the following:
a. Failure to pay membership dues.
b. Use of alcoholic beverages or under the influence of a controlled substance while operating a vehicle on or off-road,
c. Reckless or unsafe operation of vehicle on or off-road,
d. Failure to abide by club rules, instructions and/or guidelines on club sponsored events.
e. Anything that would bring reproach on the club.
Article4 - Meetings
1. Membership meetings of TORC shall be held once each month at such times and locations as may be designated by the Executive Committee.
2. The Members present will constitute a quorum.
3. Other meetings of TORC may take place at such times and locations designated by the Executive Committee.
4. Voting will be on the basis of 1 vote per Membership.
Article5 - Administration
1. The Officers of TORC shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Due to the nature of the duties of the position of                 the Secretary and Treasurer, at the discretion of the membership, these positions can be combined into a Secretary/Treasurer position to be held by the same person. These Officer positions together shall be known as the Executive Committee.
a. The office of President shall be a 2 year term beginning January 1st of odd number years.
b. The office of Vice President shall be a 2 year term beginning January 1st of odd number years. The Vice President shall act as President in the event that the President’s not able to fulfill the duties of that office.
c. The office of Secretary/Treasurer shall be a 2 year term beginning January 1st of odd number years. The Secretary/Treasurer shall act as Vice President in the event that the Vice President is not able to fulfill the duties of that office.
d. In the event that the Secretary/Treasurer is not able to fulfill the duties of that position the President shall appoint an interim Secretary/Treasurer from the eligible members to fulfill the term of that office until such time of the election of officers.
2. The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to conduct the day to day business of the club and to take such action(s) as might best fulfill the aims of the organization. The Executive Committee shall meet at such times and places that the President deems necessary.
Article6 - Committees
1. The President has the power and authority to create and oversee subcommittees. The President shall appoint members to these subcommittees and to assign a committee chair.
Article7 - Elections
1. The membership shall nominate at a regularly called meeting all candidates for office.  Nominations will be announced at the November meeting of the general membership on even years.
2. Elections shall be taken, by secret written ballot and shall be conducted at the general membership meeting in December of even years.
Article 8 - Rules and Procedures
1. Meetings of TORC where business is conducted, as it relates to          parliamentary procedure, shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.
Article9 - Amendments
1. These bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote at a regularly held membership meeting. The membership must be given notice of the proposed amendment change at a prior regularly held meeting in which the vote is to be taken. The only exception to this is where 100% of the general membership present agrees with the proposed bylaw amendment.
Article 10 - Rules and Safety Regulations
1. Vehicles must be maintained to meet all state safety requirements.
2. Members must abide by state and federal laws as it relates to operating a motor vehicle.
3. On outings each member is responsible for collecting and disposing of their own litter/trash. lt is the intent of the club to have a "Tread Lightly” attitude.
4. lt is the responsibility of each member to be able to be financially responsible for themselves and their vehicles while participating in off road events. In the event that a member's vehicle becomes un-operable on an outing it is the member’s responsibility to be able to remove that vehicle from the property in a reasonable amount of time.
5. Members must acquaint themselves with what constitutes proper trail etiquette and practice such when out running trails.
6. Members must not attempt to "wheel" on property, whether public or private, where permission has not been granted.
Article11- Termination or Dissolution of TORC
1. In the event that TORC finds itself in a position of termination or dissolution, the assets, if any, shall be applied first to payments of any obligation of debt and the balance held until the officers are reasonably certain that any and all other obligations have been paid in full. Any surplus assets remaining will be disbursed to a local charity that is deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.